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Springing into action!

New Season finally getting under way!

Hello friends.  I have been meaning to write to you all but time has just been flying by.  Things get moving so fast up here.  Syrup season ended early for us because we ran out of cut wood for my fire.  We made about 3 gallons worth and won’t be able to sell it because that’s all we have for the season.  (Sorry folks!)  With syrup season ending, spring started springing!  The snow finally melted away and we were able to see green grass growing again!  We got our first 4 batches of chicks in and will be moving the 4 week old ones to the field this week!  We also got our spring batch of 500 laying hens!  We have about 1,000 of them in total right now.  Lots and lots of eggs!  We interviewed and hired an apprentice for the 2015 season; Graham arrived yesterday.  Our dairy cow is coming very soon and we’re doing some major remodeling of the Sales Building and the Processing area.  So much happening!

Micah loves these nice warm days when he can go outside and run.  He especially loves it when I tell him we’re going to the farm.  He loves to “help” Pete with the animals.  Especially the cows and donkeys.  They are some of his favorites.

It is hard to believe that April is already half over and that May is just around the corner.  This is when things kick into a high gear for us.  In a matter of 3 weeks we’ll have Clarion Farmers Market starting, Pittsburgh’s Market Square farmers market starts soon after that, then the Upper St. Clair Farmers Market, and our other markets.  Plus chicken processing and all other farm stuff!  I love this time of year. So much fun to do all this stuff!


I’ll catch you all up on more details in my next post!

Have a great day!

Spring is coming!

The cold wind whips my hair across my face as I load the logs into my crate.  The frigidness of the early morning is a stark contrast to the raging fire I feed every 20 minutes.  Pouring more of the clear water like liquid into the pans keeping them as full as I can.  Watching for the boil to return.  Stoking the flames with more and more wood to keep it as hot as I can.  Back to the house I return to reset the timer for another 20 minutes.  Making maple syrup is a long tedious process.  About 50 gallons of sap will get us about 1 gallon of finished syrup.  Each gallon is hauled by hand out of our woods and up to the storage bin.  It is very labor intensive and time consuming.  It cooks down all day till Pete brings it inside for me to finish on my stove.  I know what to look for, what temp it must reach and how to strain it the last and final time to get the right results we want.  March is really late for us to be usually doing syrup, but with it being as cold as it has been lately that’s when we were able to get to the maple trees and drill into them.


Making maple syrup is a true sign that spring is coming.  Our first chicks will be arriving in about 2 more weeks and our first turkeys come next week!  We now have about 27 baby lambs in the barn.  They run and jump on each other and are just so cute.  The entire farm is getting a huge case of cabin fever.  Micah asks regularly to go to the farm with his daddy, I yearn for sitting outside with my family, and the animals all are longing for green grass!  Soon all of our dreams will come true – we hope!


Who else is longing for spring?  What plans do you have in the works for this summer?  I know I have lots to do this summer, and I can’t wait to get started! Please feel free to comment and share what you’re excited to do this summer!