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Snow in April

Hi friends,

I told you I’d be back soon, and here I am. Day 2 of the potty training saga.  Day 1, yesterday, was mostly unsuccessful till night time.  We got 2 pee’s in the potty in the evening. We shall try again today!

I was telling you last time about how spring was here and things greening up and such… well I woke up to snow this morning. S-N-O-W!!!  It won’t get out of the 40’s today!  I thought we were done with this kind of weather! It is days like this that it can be hard to be thankful in all things.  Why on earth would I want to thank God for snow in April? Because I’m not God.  God doesn’t say I have to like these things He is doing, but to thank Him for doing them because all have a part to play in His Master plan.  To me, snow in April is a nuisance and causes for trouble.  To Him maybe it will delay the fruit in the orchard so we’re sure to get a good crop this year, maybe it’s killing off something icky that would have otherwise lived.  Maybe to teach me to find the joy in the cold weather.  😉  Who knows?  I don’t, but He does and that’s all that matters.  I am figuring out as I grow in my walk with Him, that focusing on making Him known and His glory shown is all that matters.  And today He is choosing to do that with snow.  I praise Him for the snow.  I praise Him for the heaters that are keeping my house warm.  I praise Him for the wood fire that kept the house cozy last night.  I praise Him for my family, especially my husband in all he does to lead our family in the Lord, works hard to provide for us, and is the best dad to my little men.

Praise Him in all things. Even in the snow.