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Snow in April

Hi friends,

I told you I’d be back soon, and here I am. Day 2 of the potty training saga.  Day 1, yesterday, was mostly unsuccessful till night time.  We got 2 pee’s in the potty in the evening. We shall try again today!

I was telling you last time about how spring was here and things greening up and such… well I woke up to snow this morning. S-N-O-W!!!  It won’t get out of the 40’s today!  I thought we were done with this kind of weather! It is days like this that it can be hard to be thankful in all things.  Why on earth would I want to thank God for snow in April? Because I’m not God.  God doesn’t say I have to like these things He is doing, but to thank Him for doing them because all have a part to play in His Master plan.  To me, snow in April is a nuisance and causes for trouble.  To Him maybe it will delay the fruit in the orchard so we’re sure to get a good crop this year, maybe it’s killing off something icky that would have otherwise lived.  Maybe to teach me to find the joy in the cold weather.  😉  Who knows?  I don’t, but He does and that’s all that matters.  I am figuring out as I grow in my walk with Him, that focusing on making Him known and His glory shown is all that matters.  And today He is choosing to do that with snow.  I praise Him for the snow.  I praise Him for the heaters that are keeping my house warm.  I praise Him for the wood fire that kept the house cozy last night.  I praise Him for my family, especially my husband in all he does to lead our family in the Lord, works hard to provide for us, and is the best dad to my little men.

Praise Him in all things. Even in the snow.

Exciting time of year!

Hello friends!

There’s just so much I could tell you all about, I don’t know where to begin!  I love this time of year! Heritage Farm is a member of Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture and there’s a huge conference held in State College every February for this organization.  It’s a time to rub shoulders with other farmers, consumers and suppliers.  We get new ideas, new tools, and lots of good stuff to chew on.  We as a team divide up into the different sessions and meet back to discuss what we learned and any new ideas we come up with.  Then when we get home, I start working on our annual Newsletter we mail out to our customers with their order forms for bulk meat purchases.  It’s such a fun time.  We hatch new ideas and launch them into existence!

In addition to farm things hatching, I get to spend my time indoors with my two lovely little boys.  Watching Micah learn to play with Patrick and Patrick learn to interact with Micah is just so fun! It’s cold outside, and very warm in our house so we have lots of fun over here.  Daddy loves to play with us on days he isn’t doing his side-job or up at the farm.  Micah wants to go with him to the farm every time, but it’s just too cold!  This winter has also been a time when I can dedicate time to read my Bible each morning.  Friends, this is something that I’ve struggled with for years!  YEARS!  I just couldn’t seem to find time, nor energy to get up earlier than normal and get in some quiet time.  With Pete working a side job this winter I’ve been able to get myself out of bed and get my coffee and quiet time in before the little ones get up.  {I have to confess that this conviction for quiet time was initiated by the song “When the Crazy Kicks In, by Francesca Battistelli.  There’s a line in there that says “to hit the ground, running’s a temptation – But I have learned this lesson the hard way – A little time with You, the only way to get me through the day” and I have found it to be so true! }  This is when I can also focus on cleaning, organizing, crafting and designing!  3 of the 4 I love to do!  Can you guess which one I don’t love to do!  Ha ha!  February is also “the hump” month in mind of winter.  After this it’s all downhill and will soon get warmer.  “Soon” being a relative term.

Let me give you a mini list of some of the new things I’ve been able to have my hand in that the farm is doing this year:

–          Raw milk Cow Share Program – SOOO excited for this one!

–          New Buying Club times and locations – hoping to reach more folks with our products

–          State College Monthly delivery!  – Yep, we’re going to State College with our fresh chicken and more!

–          Ridgway Buying Club – Instead of doing the Ridgway Farmers Market this season we’re planning on doing a Buying Club style for our local customers!

These are the big ones that are coming to mind.  Additionally, I hope to expand my sales of Tupperware and other craft items this season.  I’m working on all of the above!

All that being said, I have to ask that you would be a prayer partner with us this season.  Pray that God would bless Heritage Farm as He deems best, and that we would be able to reach more people with the His Story for His Glory.  That’s why we do what we do.  It’s all for Him.  We are blessed enough to be His servants. 

Till we talk again!

DSCN2842 The boys wore matching outfits that day



DSCN2845Patrick loving his Pork Chop bones!!

DSCN2836My cutie PIEDSCN2804 DSCN2809 DSCN2811 DSCN2828


Micah’s vocabulary

Hey friends

Pete and I think we have the cutest boys ever.  I know every parent says this about their kids, and we are no different.  Having a 2 year old and an infant is so fun.  We worried about how Micah would adjust to Patrick, but he’s done so well.  He loves his brother.  I can’t go anywhere without Micah calling out “Baby” making sure I don’t forget Patrick!  He loves to lay beside Patrick during tummy time and give him his trucks to play with too.  Every morning he greets us “Daddy”, “Momma”, “Hi P-Bear”  It’s so darling to hear him say hi to his lil brother!

Micah’s repertoire of words is growing daily.  My favorite thing to hear him talk about are his Beans.  We have 2 interns this year: Billy & Glen.  After Micah realized these young men were here to stay (about May) he started calling them Bean!  All of them are Bean; including my youngest brother in law Tim.  When he hears a car come in the driveway or when Pete would come home for dinner Micah would look past Pete and ask “Bean?”  He loves having them over for dinner (we host them 3 nights a week).   Glen took it upon himself to teach Micah to call Billy “Beanpole”.  He was successful.  And Tim became “Dum” or “Dum bean”  and Glen is “Gen”.  Last night we were waiting for dinner to be ready and he just hollers out “Beanpole!”  “Gen!”   – The guys were downstairs washing eggs and Micah could hear them talking.  We have no idea where the original “Bean” name came from.  But it is so cute.    He knows who they are individually too.  I asked Micah where each boy was by name and he correctly pointed to them saying “Dare”  or there.   As he meets new people I’m working on teaching him to say their names.  He can say Patrick, Susy, Chuck, J, Gramma, Grampaa,  and we’re working on Caleb. (it’s a toughy that can’t be shortened!)  He knows who all these people are but he can’t say their names just yet!

Well… all the beans are coming here with the whole crew for pizza dinner tonight and I have a table full of cinnamon rolls that need iced!  Till next time – T

Glen, Micah & Pete on the couch

Micah and Patrick
Micah and Patrick
Micah falling asleep on Billy
Micah falling asleep on Billy
Dad and Patrick
Dad and Patrick