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(This sign up list is just for our Pittsburgh deliveries.  If you’d like to be on a different email list or have us come to a new area please email Tara at  – Tara@BurnsHeritageFarm.com )


How the Buying Club works

  1. Weekly emails. Sunday an email is sent out that lists all available products and prices, locations and times, and usually a fun recipe to try!
  2. Customers respond to the email with their list of requested items (either by package amounts or weights) *We will try and meet all requests within our ability. The location they plan to meet us at, and their phone number
  3. A reply is sent acknowledging that the order has been received and will be processed on Wednesday.
  4. Wednesday – All orders are weighed out, packed up individually and invoices sent including a 25cent/lb shipping & handling fee for all orders. Each order has a bag number corresponding to an insulated cooler bag packed in our vehicle.
  5. Thursday – Delivery Day. We accept cash & checks made payable to Heritage Farm.  Ask us for Pre-Pay Invoices and Credit Card availability

Visit our Seasonality of Meats and Facts about Heritage Farm Page for more info!


We currently deliver 

Thursdays – Pittsburgh Delivery Route Locations

South Park, PA

Upper St. Clair PA

Greensburg , PA

East End in Pittsburgh PA

West View, PA

Want us to be near you!  Ask us and we’ll see if more people want us there too!

Other Delivery Locations:

*Warren, PA

*St. Marys, PA

*Clarion, PA

*Knoxdale, PA



Food from our Farm to you!