Joining our Buying Club



(This sign up list is just for our Pittsburgh deliveries.  If you’d like to be on a different email list or have us come to a new area please email Tara at  – )

How the Buying Club works

  1. Weekly emails. Sunday an email is sent out that lists all available products and prices, locations and times, and usually a fun recipe to try!
  2. Customers respond to the email with their list of requested items (either by package amounts or weights) *We will try and meet all requests within our ability. The location they plan to meet us at, and their phone number
  3. A reply is sent acknowledging that the order has been received and will be processed on Wednesday.
  4. Wednesday – All orders are weighed out, packed up individually and invoices sent including a 25cent/lb shipping & handling fee for all orders. Each order has a bag number corresponding to an insulated cooler bag packed in our vehicle.
  5. Thursday – Delivery Day. We accept cash & checks made payable to Heritage Farm.  Ask us for Pre-Pay Invoices and Credit Card availability

Visit our Seasonality of Meats and Facts about Heritage Farm Page for more info!


We currently deliver to:

Thursdays – Pittsburgh Delivery Route Locations

South Park, PA

Upper St. Clair PA

Greensburg , PA

East End in Pittsburgh PA

West View, PA

Want us to be near you!  Ask us and we’ll see if more people want us in that area!

We also deliver to:

*Warren, PA

*St. Marys PA

*Clarion PA

*Knoxdale PA

Food from our Farm to you!