Internship Opportunities

2015 Crew (Missing Greg and Linda Burns)

 Every year Heritage Farm offers an internship program.  Interns

Mama and baby

live on the farm in separate housing and work with the Burns family.  They work along-side the team, learning all aspects of sustainable farming methods. They gain hands-on experience in the areas of pastured chickens, turkeys, beef, lamb and pork as well as minor garden and orchard management.  All the while learning marketing techniques and running a farm business. The internship runs from March through November and covers the entire farming season.

We are accepting applications for the 2018 season!

Some of our Requirements are the same as Polyface Farm’s:

  • Bright eyed, bushy-tailed, self-starter, eager-beaver, situationally aware, go-get-‘em, teachable, positive, non-complaining, grateful, rejoicing, get’er done, dependable, faithful, perseverant, take-responsibility, clean-cut, All-American Man appearance & character. We are very, very, very discriminatory.
  • Room and most board provided and you can eat, within reason, from the larder (no filet mignon lunches, please.
  • Expectations: like any experience, you will get out of it what you put into it. We have attainable benchmarks, but they require effort and sweat. Physically, you will be in better shape than you ever thought possible. Emotionally, you will know what you did today, why it was important, and feel great about it.
  • Warning: you will be sore, ache, dead tired, and be sick for 3 days in your first two weeks. Once you get acclimated, you’ll be more physically fit than you’ve ever been in your life. But it won’t feel good getting there.

2 thoughts on “Internship Opportunities”

  1. Greetings Heritage Farms,
    My name is Shona Maria Potts. I am currently an organic farmer located in Northern CA , who is a native to Pittsburgh PA.

    I have been working on this farm for four years and I am looking for an opportunity to work in the Western PA area on a farm.

    I am a very dedicated person to the principles of Ethical Farming practices, motivated, enthusiastic and hardworking.

    My relocation date to the Pittsburgh area is in November of 2016.

    I welcome and opportunity to speak with you further.
    Thank you,
    Shona Maria Potts

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