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2014 Heritage Farm Team

Top: Greg, Linda, Micah, Pete, Tara and Patrick

Front: Glenn (intern), Tim, and Billy (intern)

Greg Burns: He was born and raised on the New Jersey shore; he always had a passion for farming.  He and his wife Linda graduated from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, with a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture.  After doing many various agriculture jobs, he got his master’s degree from Penn State.

Linda Burns:  Linda grew up on a small family farm in New York.  She met Greg while attending Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture getting a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture.  She homeschooled their 5 children (and is still homeschooling Tim) and makes the homemade jam and jellies we sell.

Pete Burns:  The second generation of Heritage Farm, Pete knew that he wanted to become a farmer when he was nine years old.  When he was seventeen he was given the opportunity to apprentice under Joel and Daniel Salatin at Polyface farm in Swoope Virginia.  He came back with a renewed passion for what God had placed on his heart, and fully took the livestock division under his wing. As he grew into the man he is, he gradually became more involved in the executive decisions of the farm.  He met his wife in 2010 and married in 2011.  He and his wife along with his parents have a full legal partnership of Heritage Farm.

Tara Burns:  Born and raised in Bethel Park Pennsylvania; a suburb of Pittsburgh PA.  With a wonderful Pastor/plumber/little-bit-of-everything  as a father and a fantastic Paralegal/Secretary/Mom  as a mother she didn’t know a whole lot of farming. She worked for over 6 years in the Marketing Department of a restaurant and earned an associate’s degree in Marketing Management from Community College of Allegheny County.   She met her husband Pete and fell in-love with the farm and him.  They married under the canopy of their own peaches and plums in September 2011.  She has overtaken the Marketing Department, including buying clubs and restaurant contacts.

Tim Burns:  Tim is the youngest member of the Heritage Farm team.  Tim would be the first to tell you that living on a farm is hard work, but tons of fun.  Tim has really enjoyed getting to know each of our interns that we’ve had the pleasure of having on the farm.  Tim is in charge of the washing and boxing of the eggs our 1000+ some laying hens give daily, and doing other various chores.

Micah Burns:  Micah is Pete and Tara’s oldest!  He loves working with his daddy when he can and seeing all the animals.  Ask him to give you a tour anytime!

Patrick Burns:  Pete and Tara’s second son is too little to know much about the farm.  But with Micah as his big brother, he’ll learn quick!

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