Excited for building our team

This is a fun time of year on our farm.  It’s our planning and preparing time.  It is also when we get our applications for new apprentices on our farm.  These young men are more than just our employees for a season, they become apart of our family in a sense.  My boys know no different of having them around for the entire summer/fall.  After their time is up on our farm, the kids ask where they went for months.

They work hard on our farm, and they learn loads of stuff they can apply to their life- wherever they go.  From basic planning and responsibility of caring for animals, managing a business, marketing, cutting wood, field maintenance/fertility, and the big one- cutting their own meat and knowing where it comes from!  They’ll know their way around an animal and how to handle a knife with precision!

Know a young man who has an interest in farming?  Have him apply to work with us for a season.  Paid a stipend and fed well he’ll thank you for the nudge!

visit our add to apply at  http://www.eagerfarmer.com/farming-jobs/view/former-polyface-apprentice-seeking-an-eager-apprentice-4/