December thoughts

Happy December friends

I thought I’d take a moment and write to you all.  I have many things weighing in on my heart this morning.  From Christmas preparations, farm life struggles, Life with two little boys etc.  I think I’ll just give you a mini version of some of it!

What I do as far as living on a farm is a beautiful thing.  I know not many folks get this experience.  And some of you don’t want any part of it.  However my question is do you eat?  Then you should care about a farm.  I understand not everyone is able to or willing to stick their hands in the dirt and pull out carrots or help a mother ewe deliver her lamb or process chickens but just like someone has to do that.  And even if you don’t own a single chicken you may still like to eat that Chicken Marsala.  If farming isn’t your calling you can still take part by supporting those who have that calling on their life.  We believe full heartedly that this is what God wants us to do, and you can be a part by supporting us.  Care about your food.  You take great care in primping your body on the outside and caring for your little ones, the food you eat should have as much care.  If you don’t know where it came from or what’s in it – is that really caring?  Everyone can do something to improve our food system.  Buy Local.  Get to know your farmer.  They are the ones who you’ll come running to when the food system falls apart.  It hurts when people say that what we do is good in theory but not practical.    I argue that it is, and it needs to be.  Food is necessary for life and therefore it needs to be made well and with care.  (almost quote from S. Truett Cathy)


As we dive in to December I am struck by the daunting task of getting all prepared for the “Big Day”  I have decided that this year I wanted to invoke a heart preparation for the birth of Christ.  That is what this season is to celebrate.  We’ve been reading an advent devotional.  The word Advent means coming.  We are preparing for the coming of Christ.  I want to keep that at my focus.  I want to be asked not what I got for Christmas but what I gave.  I love giving gifts to people.  Seeing the joy on their faces is my favorite part.  There is nothing I really want or need I am content with all that God has blessed us with.  He is good and sovereign and is seeing us through struggles.  I love knowing that He has control over all things and has already won.  Beautiful.   May that give you peace and help you to keep in the mindset of advent.  Preparing for the coming of our King.