He Knows My Name

“He Knows My Name”

Francesca Battistelli

Spent today in a conversation
In the mirror face to face with
somebody less than perfect
I wouldn’t choose me first if
I was looking for a champion

In fact I’d understand if
You picked everyone before me
But that’s just not my story
True to who You are
You saw my heart
and made
Something out of nothing

I don’t need my name in lights
I’m famous in my Father’s eyes
Make no mistake
He knows my name
I’m not living for applause
I’m already so adored
It’s all His stage
He knows my name oh, oh,
He knows my name oh, oh

I’m not meant to just stay quiet
I’m meant to be a lion
I’ll roar beyond a song
With every moment that I’ve got
True to who You are
You saw my heart
and made
Something out of nothing


He calls me chosen, free forgiven, wanted, child of the King,
His forever, held in treasure…
I am loved

I don’t need my name in lights…
I’m famous in my Father’s eyes…



Hi Friends.  This song has me in tears this morning.  The lyrics resonate through my body.  I have to say this song has been on my playlist for the past few days and it brings me into My Father’s presence every time I hear it.  Read those words, hear Him speak to you.

I’ve had so many of those days, where I look at myself and think… yeah there’s nothing usable here.  Yet He knows my name.  The one who hand placed every star into its place and calls it by name knows my name.  He is bigger than I could ever dream yet He knows me.  He listens when I talk and enjoys fellowship with me.  It’s beyond comprehension.  I love the line “True to who You are You saw my heart and made something out of nothing.”  Beauty.  The one who took dirt and formed a human, giving it His breath of life, and hand fashioned the cutest little boys and gave them to me… (I know I’m biased!)  He takes our nothing and makes something.   This world tells us over and over and over that we need to be the best.  From school, to work to outside things – you need to be on top, make the most money and make a name for yourself.  Where do you find that in Scripture?  Show me?  I find a King of Kings, creator of all mankind being born to a young couple in a barn.  I find those with stature serving and being praised for it.  I find those with power and climbing the ladder to greatness being chastised and brought low.  “The last shall be first and the first last.”  I don’t need to make a name for myself – of what gain is that?  HE KNOWS MY NAME.  Lights and glamor of this world pale horribly to the greatness of what our King has for those who serve Him faithfully.    Keeping in mind that all we do should be for His glory, not our own.  Showcasing Him is why we were created.  That’s it folks!  How are you doing that in every aspect of your life?  How am I?  Is my speech showcasing Him?  Is what I do bringing glory to Him and showing Him to others?  What about what I do alone?  Is that showcasing Him and giving Him glory?  What about tv and movies?  Do they have Redeeming Value – how do they show the glory of God, or how can I use them to?  It’s wonderful to know that I don’t have to do anything extra to have My King choose me.  He Knows my name. He “calls me chosen, free forgiven, wanted, child of the King,
His forever, held in treasure…I am loved”  Know this friends.  I hope this encourages you like it did me.


Now back to baking.  Need some tobymac to get this day rollin!




Till we talk again ~T

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