a quick hello

Hey friends

So to catch up any who missed it… our Outstanding in the Field dinner was awesome!!  It was sooo cool to have our chicken as the featured dish at a dinner that was very expensive to attend.

Today I’m slowly getting ready to head to  Warren PA for our chicken delivery there.  I love taking the boys on these trips.  They are both so well behaved and have such fun riding in the car!  The host home in Warren has a dog that Micah loves to play fetch with.  Her name is Tess!  I said I was slowly getting ready because I just can’t seem to get things productively done this morning.  I had to get a new computer because mine had died.  So I’m getting used to a newer operating system in addition to trying to keep tabs on my running 2 year old!  These are days I’m so glad that Patrick can’t go anywhere yet!

God is so gracious in giving us a full 24 hours of day to spend how we choose.  I just need to learn to choose wiselyer!   I have a host of things I need to do today and I feel compelled to get some accomplished.  I’ll talk with you all again soon.  Have a great day!