Let’s chat again!

Hi friends.  I haven’t written in a while and for that I’m sorry.  I was telling Pete yesterday that part of the reason I haven’t done a blog post in soooo long is because I feel obligated to catch my readers up on what’s been happening in the year since I last wrote.  Pete said this wasn’t so, and that I need to just write short amounts!  So this is me tryin that method.  I hope it works.  I never was good at short writings/ speaking.  If you know me, you know I am very conservative so short talks don’t exist with me.  My best friend Leigh can attest to this. Our phone dates are a  minimum of an hour long!

Here’s the bullets of the past year:

–          Patrick Daniel Burns was born on May 19th

–          I bake tons of food for our Farmers Markets

–          We have 2 interns on the farm this year

–          Micah loves these interns and has names for them!

–          We bought about 30 more sheep

–          We sold some of our beef herd, gearing more into sheep.

–          I started selling Tupperware and I LOVE IT!

Today I just wanted to cover those basics and we can chat more on these topics in the weeks to come.   I will say this, God is so good.  Even when it all seems hazy and we just want to throw in the towel and say I QUIT, He’s there to show us where He wants us to go.  It’s a comfort that I know I take for granted.  I don’t know how those without Jesus Christ as their best friend make it.

Thanks for bearing with me as we venture into more frequent posts from me.  I promise I’m going to let you all into my little world over here.  It’s quite entertaining most days!

Here’s to more posts about life as a mom of 2 adorable boys, wife of a farmer, a tupperware consultant and a Jesus Freak.