Tuesday Check-In

Tuesday Check-in

Hi friends

Today’s Tuesday and it’s shaping up to be a busy one.  Normally I utilize the morning hours for baking for the Ridgway Farmers Market and that occupies most of my morning.  This week however, we’re only doing some of our normal baking because we have an adventure planned for this evening. (More on that in a moment)  I am so blessed to have such a helpful little 2 year old.  Micah loves to be my helper.  If I’m doing my workout he’s right there beside me trying to do what I do.  If I’m outside hanging the laundry on the clothes line, he’s my runner getting each piece for me from the basket and bringing it over to me.  He loves to “swish” aka use the swiffer mop on the floor to help mop.  He’s so much fun!  I pray that he keeps this kind servant heart all his life.  He will be a wonderful husband someday when he masters Servant Leadership.  Christ exemplifies this so well for us in Scripture.  He created this world and could call myriads of angels to his aid in a millisecond, yet He chose to be born by a human in a dirty barn and grow up as a human in this world.  He is our King, yet he became a servant and loves His church with an unending never failing love.  Even when we fail He loves us.  I pray that my boys will learn to emulate that love as best as a human can and serve their wives as they lead them to be ever more like Christ and bring all glory to Him.  Cause that’s what we’re here to do right?

Tonight is a special night for Pete and I.  We were invited to be guest producers at an OutStanding In the Field Dinner tonight.  Chef Justin Severino will be cooking our chicken to these fine guests tonight at Dawsons Farm in Enon PA.  We’re so excited to be able to go!  Patrick will be tagging along for the ride and Micah will be spending the evening with Nana and the beans.  So since we have to leave kinda early for this dinner I’m not baking up my normal repertoire.  Next week its back on though!

What do you like to do on Tuesdays?  Do you have little ones that are your helpers?  Are you using those moments to teach them about Jesus and how He and the Holy Spirit are our helpers?  These are great moments to share the gospel with kids in ways they can understand.  I pray that you use every one you can!

Thanks again for following along with me.  My music for the day (in case you’re wondering) is Meredith Andrews.  I’m in a fast worship kinda mood.)


Micah’s vocabulary

Hey friends

Pete and I think we have the cutest boys ever.  I know every parent says this about their kids, and we are no different.  Having a 2 year old and an infant is so fun.  We worried about how Micah would adjust to Patrick, but he’s done so well.  He loves his brother.  I can’t go anywhere without Micah calling out “Baby” making sure I don’t forget Patrick!  He loves to lay beside Patrick during tummy time and give him his trucks to play with too.  Every morning he greets us “Daddy”, “Momma”, “Hi P-Bear”  It’s so darling to hear him say hi to his lil brother!

Micah’s repertoire of words is growing daily.  My favorite thing to hear him talk about are his Beans.  We have 2 interns this year: Billy & Glen.  After Micah realized these young men were here to stay (about May) he started calling them Bean!  All of them are Bean; including my youngest brother in law Tim.  When he hears a car come in the driveway or when Pete would come home for dinner Micah would look past Pete and ask “Bean?”  He loves having them over for dinner (we host them 3 nights a week).   Glen took it upon himself to teach Micah to call Billy “Beanpole”.  He was successful.  And Tim became “Dum” or “Dum bean”  and Glen is “Gen”.  Last night we were waiting for dinner to be ready and he just hollers out “Beanpole!”  “Gen!”   – The guys were downstairs washing eggs and Micah could hear them talking.  We have no idea where the original “Bean” name came from.  But it is so cute.    He knows who they are individually too.  I asked Micah where each boy was by name and he correctly pointed to them saying “Dare”  or there.   As he meets new people I’m working on teaching him to say their names.  He can say Patrick, Susy, Chuck, J, Gramma, Grampaa,  and we’re working on Caleb. (it’s a toughy that can’t be shortened!)  He knows who all these people are but he can’t say their names just yet!

Well… all the beans are coming here with the whole crew for pizza dinner tonight and I have a table full of cinnamon rolls that need iced!  Till next time – T

Glen, Micah & Pete on the couch

Micah and Patrick
Micah and Patrick
Micah falling asleep on Billy
Micah falling asleep on Billy
Dad and Patrick
Dad and Patrick

Let’s chat again!

Hi friends.  I haven’t written in a while and for that I’m sorry.  I was telling Pete yesterday that part of the reason I haven’t done a blog post in soooo long is because I feel obligated to catch my readers up on what’s been happening in the year since I last wrote.  Pete said this wasn’t so, and that I need to just write short amounts!  So this is me tryin that method.  I hope it works.  I never was good at short writings/ speaking.  If you know me, you know I am very conservative so short talks don’t exist with me.  My best friend Leigh can attest to this. Our phone dates are a  minimum of an hour long!

Here’s the bullets of the past year:

–          Patrick Daniel Burns was born on May 19th

–          I bake tons of food for our Farmers Markets

–          We have 2 interns on the farm this year

–          Micah loves these interns and has names for them!

–          We bought about 30 more sheep

–          We sold some of our beef herd, gearing more into sheep.

–          I started selling Tupperware and I LOVE IT!

Today I just wanted to cover those basics and we can chat more on these topics in the weeks to come.   I will say this, God is so good.  Even when it all seems hazy and we just want to throw in the towel and say I QUIT, He’s there to show us where He wants us to go.  It’s a comfort that I know I take for granted.  I don’t know how those without Jesus Christ as their best friend make it.

Thanks for bearing with me as we venture into more frequent posts from me.  I promise I’m going to let you all into my little world over here.  It’s quite entertaining most days!

Here’s to more posts about life as a mom of 2 adorable boys, wife of a farmer, a tupperware consultant and a Jesus Freak.