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I was speaking the other day with someone who told me they enjoy being ignorant of where their food comes from.  This really made me think.   Prior to 3 years ago when I met my husband, I never gave a second thought as to where my food came from.  We went to the grocery store, bought the meats and veges and made dinner.  That was it.  When I met Pete, it started me thinking about where my food comes from.  What was it eating?  What kind of conditions was it living in?  I remember in highschool Mrs. Hornfeck had us watch Food Inc. and I rewatched it when I met Pete.  Boy does that make you think.  It really should be on the forefront of our minds when buying food.  Because what that animal ate, you’re going to eat and get the nutritional value (or lack of) from it.   Now I’m a mom.  Micah is 3 months old and will be soon ready to eat ‘real food.’  Do I want him eating things that I can’t pronounce or know what the ingredients are?  Absolutely not!  Why would I?  I believe Michael Pollan says something along the lines of not eating food that our grandparents wouldn’t consider as food.  That’s pretty significant.  My grandmother was raised on a whole milk (raw milk) dairy.  They had cows and chickens and such.  Back then the animals weren’t kept in rooms and only fed grain; no, they were out in the grass eating the grass!  That’s the way it should be.

Since we’ve been married I’ve learned quite a bit about animals and their eating habits/ability.  Cows get fat on only grain, and they can’t digest it correctly in their 5 stomachs so they are slaughtered young.  The grain they eat causes their fat balance to be one sided with the kind of fat that is bad for us to eat Omega 6’s.  Those are the fats that clog arteries and do bad stuff.  However, cattle that eat grass only they get the Omega3’s from the grass that causes the balance in their meat to be the  perfect 1:1 ratio.  Amazing!  As if God intended beef to only eat grass; and then their meat and fat are HEALTHY!  WOW!!!!  That’s not all!  Chickens!  Chickens can be lazy.  If they only eat grain and never see the outside then they’ll get fat (with those bad fats again) and meat will be not nutritional.  Chickens on pasture – aka grass  -in addition to their grain, they have the ability to forage. They find bugs and grass and thus have  a higher Omega3’s and lower cholesterol and less fat.  So when you eat this chicken or egg you gain those health benefits!  Amazing!  Pigs too.  (Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon in the morning!) Pigs, like chicken, can digest grain properly and need some of it in their diet.  But what’s in the grain?  Where’s it coming from?  What was it grown with?  These are things that matter!  They matter because what is in there is in the food and thus in you.

To choose to be ignorant of these things; to turn a blind eye to this is just wrong.  I might go as far as calling it sin.  (I know big scary word)  God created these creatures.  When He made them in the garden, were they in a building being fed only grain?  Were they restricted from seeing the sun and the bugs and the grass?  No!  It was a GARDEN.  Grassy garden!  That’s what these animals were made to eat and when they eat what they were intended to they have the best nutritional value for us.  He cares about these animals.  He created them too.  Remember, not a sparrow falls without His knowing.  He cares about how they live and die too.  So if you know or choose to not know that they are not being treated fed or cared for in a way that He would, are you not living as God would have you?  You aren’t doing what He does.  Ponder that and make your own decisions.  I’ve made mine.

Some might say that this kind of food is too expensive.  That might be somewhat true.  Chicken done on pasture can be more expensive because of many factors (the grain they still need, the labor the processing etc)  However, grass-fed beef and natural pork are extremely comparable to commodity prices!  Our ground beef is $4.00/lb.  And when someone buys in bulk (like a half or whole cow) it’s even better pricewise!  Pork is comparable too!  And if it seems a bit more expensive, maybe think about the benefits of it and if there is something that can be cut so that you can have food that you know for a fact is truly good for you.  Now, I know not everyone can do that, but maybe you might look into it.

I love being a mom.  I really do.  Micah is my little buddy and he’s adorable.  I also love being a wife to my amazing husband.  It’s so fun.  Cooking has become a joy.  Especially when I look at what I’m making for dinner and know that most if not all of the ingredients I know where they came from and that they are going to give the best nutritional value to myself and my family!  I want Micah to grow up strong and healthy and this is the absolute best way that I can be sure that happens!

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