Birthday Dinner Extravaganza

Birthday Dinner Extravaganza

Howdy readers!  2 weeks ago was Pete’s 25th birthday!  In addition to the small things I got him for his birthday, (socks, new jeans, and a hand painted canvas) I wanted to take him out to eat somewhere special.  Pete you see, LOVES pork!  And not just any pork will do, only Heritage Farm Naturally Raised pork will do.  [It truly is just soo much better tasting and best for you]  Our favorite chef Justin Severino recently opened a restaurant Lawrenceville called Cure.  He gets 4 whole pigs from us every week for use in his restaurant.  So obviously that’s the place we were headed!  I had sneakly set aside some extra cash from my random day of work back at my old job and had saved it just for this occasion!  Reservations were made about a week and a half in advance and we were set!  Oh my gosh I was so excited!  Pete was too!  This was going to be our first time getting to eat at one of our restaurants!

Finally the day arrived!  Our reservations were strategically planned for 7pm so that all farm work would be tended to and we could leave at a good time.  We arrived just after 7 and were seated at near the windows of this beautiful place.

Now for those of you who have never eaten at Cure let me tell you about it.  The dining room is relatively small; it holds 50 guests at a time.  The kitchen overlooks the dining room and is totally open.  There are tons of pig decorations everywhere.  I personally find it fun to see if I can find a new one every time we come in.  There are pigs everywhere!  The menus are a wood plank with the paper menu attached by a rubber band.  The tables are natural wood and there is real wood that was salvaged covering the walls.  It’s a rustic, yet very upscale place to eat.

Back to dinner.  We are seated and begin to look at the menu before us.  Justin serves Heritage Farm chicken and Heritage Farm pork; Pete obviously was going for the pork and I was undecided at the moment. When the front manager (and our friend) Jen comes over, takes our menus and states that they’d like to feed us.  Happy to comply, we hand over the menu and await our meal!  Boy were we in for a treat!  The evening consisted of 4 separate appetizers, 2 entrees and 2 desserts!  Oh my goodness!

Appetizer #1:  Pete and I call:  Plank of Pork!  A wooden plank consisting of 2 of each item.  There were 2 different types of homemade salami, chorizo, chicken pâté,  crusty bread with this light buttery spread, 3 different types of mustard for dipping (the lavender one was my favorite!), and a selection of other pork yummies!  Oh my goodness it was so good!

Appetizer #2:  Strawberry Gazpacho:  Creamy Strawberry cold soup with drizzled 50yr old balsamic vinegar and oil drizzled through the bowl.  So refreshing and tasty!

Appetizer #3:  Beef tartar:  So yummy, with 3 different spreads to go with it.

Appetizer #4: Rosewater pickled fennel with saffron and asparagus:  It also had a bitey yogurt spread with it.  The asparagus and fennel were so good.  I have learned that I like anything pickled!

Let’s just say that after those I was so surprised at the vast boldness of the collection of flavors we’d just had; I wondered what was coming next!

Main Entrée #1:  Heritage Farm Chicken tasting:  I have never eaten better chicken in my entire life.  So good with a polenta square on the side and a peanut spread with minced olives. Oh my it was so delicious.

Main Entrée #2:  Heritage Farm Pork tasting:  Oh my goodness this was the climax of the meals.  It was served on a wooden plank. It was spectacular.  It was a eat through the pig.  We had half of a head that had been smoked, 2 pieces of the loin (the ity bity pork chop was so cute!), 2 pieces of the hams, some cubes that were from where the bacon comes from, a piece of blood sausage,  a piece of a sage sausage.  The head was honestly my favorite part.  So tender and flavorful.  I loved every bite!

Dessert #1:  Chocolate Soufflé  : Sweetly divine.  Had a peanut spread beside it.  Peanut butter and Chocolate:  my favorite!

Dessert  #2:  Lemon curd and rhubarb parfait.  It was so creamy and had fresh strawberries on the bottom.  Strong difference from the chocolate soufflé but still so good.

It was fun when the people next to us figured out that it was our pork and chicken that we were enjoying.  Let’s just say, word spread and we became celebrities.

It was awesome to just get to sit down and enjoy our own products cooked by one of the best chefs in the city of Pittsburgh; one who will come and sit down to chat with you to see how you like the food.  Words couldn’t describe how good it was.  It was just perfect.

We practically rolled out of that restaurant 3.5 hours later.  What a perfect way to celebrate my husband’s birthday!   Thanks Justin and Cure team!

Some pics from our meal!  🙂


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