What’s been going on!

Well I can say that I’ve successfully thrown myself into things here on the farm.  I’m so glad for winter months, so that I can focus on getting pointers from other Marketers and not be slowing down the process.  A little recap on what’s been going on here:  We got to spend Thanksgiving at my parents in Pittsburgh, Thanksgiving weekend with Pete’s Mom’s Family in New York, Christmas at home, My huge family party the following weekend, and my birthday with my folks.  We got to tell everyone the news that there’ll be another Burns Baby arriving in July, and have a great time with them.  In January, Pete and I went to Florida for a week to visit my dad’s family. {Picture to the left -Pete and I on the beach in Panama City Florida!}  It was wonderfully warm and sunny.  Coming home we barely had time to breathe when we had to prepare for the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture Conference.  Pete was speaking at the state-wide conference on Raising Pastured Poultry. {The picture you see to the right was taken on site at a Mennonite Family’s Farm where we did hands-on chicken processing.  That was one portion of the Pre-Conference Track}

The conference went exceedingly well; I got to pick the brain of Sheri Salatin, who runs the marketing at Polyface Farm in VA (check out their website when you get the chance!)  With Sheri’s advice and guiding I revamped our website and thought more on how I can advance the business.   I had toyed with the idea of expanding our Buying Club to the areas where I grew up.  I knew that in those areas there are people who would appreciate the type of products we raise and the way in which we raise them.  I asked a few friends in those local areas to start spreading the word through the connections that they knew of and see what information they got back.  I am happy to report that we received a good amount of feedback from these locations and in two weeks will officially start doing rotating Buying Club Delivery Drops to South Hills and Greensburg.  YAY!  I was overjoyed when I realized that I will get to see my family and friends on a weekly basis.  I had greatly missed them.  I knew that marrying Pete would mean moving two hours away – not a dreadful long hike, but a hike nonetheless.  I missed just seeing my folks, brother, cousins and aunts and uncles.  And now I can see them on a weekly basis.  I may even get to catch a basketball practice for my little brother in a few weeks!  I’m so excited.  Don’t get me wrong folks, I love my life here.  I am able to fully stretch my creative wings and design a website, newsletter, buying club, and have a fantastic chefs as friends!  It’s been a transition most definitely, and I have greatly enjoyed being able to use these winter months to sweep out some cobwebs that had been left unattended and revive them to life.

So… that’s what’s been happening on the farm and with me for the past few months. My next post tells you what’s going on now!  🙂

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